Personal Photography

Family photography from engagement, save the date, maternity, special announcements, and family portraits. You select the location!
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Business Photography

In today’s market, quality photos & video will separate you from your competition. Bring your business to life with quality photos and videos!

Since childhood Mike has been fascinated by the camera. The camera provided a complex union of technology, control, freedom, precision, and expression that lead to many creative adventures. The same is still true today, though the level of technology has changed photography as we once knew it to be. While Mike can shoot virtually any kind of subject matter, his personal interests lie in Landscape, Families, and Special Occasions. Parties, events, and weddings are great money makers for photographers but, Mike prefers a calmer more intimate setting to for his work. If you are seeking high contrast black and white photos, those are an absolute favorite!

Mike is actively seeking additional photography work, should you have a question please reach out!
If the opportunity is not right for him, he will refer you to a photographer who he believes, will please you.