Why is a professional headshot important?

There is no question about it, a professional headshot is empowering. Prior to 2007 a headshot was only really needed for your business card, or maybe your website if you were a business partner. Fast forward to today’s market and everything has changed! Business cards show how old your skills are as the new generation of business leaders expands their networks though LinkedIn and Social Media Business Profiles. A LinkedIn profile without a headshot, says more than it shows.

Why are staff photo’s important?

  • Your media, and your employees, represent. your business. Low quality and unprofessional photos will communicate the same about your organization, products, and people.
  • Taking a good photo of your employees and giving them a copy, is a gift of value. Do you often provide these kind of gifts or benefits to your employees? This is a win for the business, and the employee.
  • Staff photos on your Intranet discourage cold responses, and humanizes people leading to more effective workplace dialogues.
  • They provide an identity to a department, group, or entity which helps create a sense of community within the business and helps customers navigate & find department personnel.
  • Provides a versatile asset that can be used in many ways:
    • On your website or in a brochure.
    • As a Social Media opportunity to congratulate, promote, or thank an employee.
    • Signatures & email platforms.

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