Kids are priceless, and so is time. Even more so, capturing these moments can be hard. This is where we shine. We’ll work with the parents ahead of time to cultivate a really fun time for your kiddo’s. With the use of longer lenses we give kids space to be kids, so we can capture more of those priceless smiles. Taking great photos of kids isn’t easy, so we do our best to make the process easy.

How I like to do my kids shoots

  • Distractions
    • If a sleeping baby is what we hope to capture, limiting other distractions is helpful.
    • If smiling kids is what you want, yelling at them won’t help.
    • Snacks, don’t forget them!
  • Location
    • Choose a location that fits your family image. Often times home is a good place for these shoots. Mike has backgrounds that can be useful but any desired props should be provided by the parents.
  • Clothing
    • Your level of attire is completely up to you.
    • If you want the matchy look, go for it!
  • Research – Do you know what kind of photo you want?
    • Consider how these photos will be used. You might want a certain photo for your wall, and one just for Grandma.
    • Certain poses you want?
  • Let’s talk, we’ll plan it all out and then meet for the shoot!

Let’s start planning!